M'Arch. Alejandro Biguria


Masters in Architecture, May 2006, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA.

Cert. Real Estate Design and Development, Wharton Business School, May 2006UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA.

Certificate in Restoration and Conservation of Historical Landmarks, murals, and art, ESCUELA COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID

Black and White Photography, Advanced Darkroom, NEW ENGLAND SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY


B.A. in Economics, Minor: Business Administration, BOSTON UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES


Italian Language Studies, SCUOLA TOSCANA

Worked towards a B.A. in Architecture, 1995-1997, CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY


TORUS, S.A., October 2005 - PRESENT                                                                    

CEO, Company centered in providing unique creative products and services and products within the Central American region. Services range from consultancy, master plans, conceptualization, mixed-use architectural design and construction to furniture and object design.

TORUS | VIU, January 2015 - PRESENT                                                          

CEO, Company centered in providing services for inmersive experiences for real estate.


SYNTROPY, November 2018 - PRESENT                                                                    

CEO, Company centered in UrbanTech and environmental BIG DATA generation and analysis for the real estate development industry.  Company is driven by impact, in collaboration but public institutions and civil society for environmental planning purposes.


ION-Viz, Jan 2009-2014                                                                      

Director/Founder of a digital graphics company focused on delivering rendering and animation services for architectural firms in the United States and Central America.


ProyectoPerspectivas, January 2012 – Present                                                       

Member of the editorial board of architectural design magazine


GuateAmala, Jan 2009-2011                                                                                          

Directing multiple initiatives that involve the promotion of values in Guatemalan Society.


TALK20, September 2005-2012                                                                      


Curated events held at multiple cities involving a series of short presentations selected and narrated by a hybrid roster of students, educators, and professionals working across fields of art,  architecture, and landscape.


MASSIVE CHANGE NETWORK, March 2011-June 2015                                                                        

Working conjointly with Bruce Mau’s initiative in Chicago for the promotion and connection of individuals/organizations that are producing positive change in society worldwide.


ROJKIND ARQUITECTOS, May 2008-September 2008                                   

Consultant - Designed and Developed a proposal for a high-end Residential Project in Ordos, China.


BALLINGER, July 2006-March 2008                                                                                 

Intern Design Architect, Philadelphia, PA

Worked on the construction documents of a new addition to a laboratory for The University of the South. Worked on programmatic analysis and schematic design for an addition for the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.  Worked on multiple master plans for Academic, Healthcare and Institutional projects.


TURETT COLLABORATIVE ARCHITECTS, May 2005 - August 2005                                                                                         

Summer Intern, New York City, NY

Conducted site survey and analysis for various projects, and developed the corresponding site plans, elevations, construction drawings and specs schedules. Assisted in the development of final presentation renderings for a Design Competition.  Met with clients on a continuous basis for the development of floor plans and detailing.


BROWN BROTHERS, HARRIMAN AND COMPANY, Sept. 2000 - Nov. 2002                                                                                        

Private Wealth Management

Maintained 6 commingled asset mutual funds. Worked involved the careful maintenance of accounting, custodian and daily valuation records and processes for each individual mutual fund.


CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY, Department of Robotics, 1996-1997                                                                                                          

Model Developer, NASA Sponsored-Mars Rover Prototype Project. Selected to build site models, to be used in the development of routes for testing Rover.



Winner of the #WeEmerge Solutions: Sustainable Cities & Communities Initiative. The DoSchool, Berlin, Germany, Oct. 2020

Finalist, One of the best 500  Sustainable Projects in LATAM, MABBIT / AQI Guatemala, Premios Latinoamerica Verde 2020

Finalist, Smart City Expo LATAM, Puebla 2019


Finalist in the Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño de Madrid 2018                                                                                                          


Selected to participate in 2018 Venice Biennale, Curated by C'ASI , 2018                                                                                       


First Prize, Architectural Design, SHAW Contract, 2018

First Prize, Public Space Biennale Rome 2017


CHANDLER TRAVELING FELLOWSHIP RECIPIENT, May 2005                                                                                             


E. LEWIS DALES TRAVELING FELLOWSHIP RECIPIENT, Japan, January 2005                                                

Annual portfolio design competition at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design


‘SLOTS AND THE CITY’, GAMING CHARRETTE, HONORABLE MENTION, February 2005                                                     

Competition sponsored by the local Government, The Daily News, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Work was published in March 8th edition of The Daily News.





UrbanTech: Building Urban resilience through disruptive technology, 2021 Biennale Spazio Pubblico: Children and the Public Space,  Roma, Italia, 15 de Mayo 2021

Popol Jay Q'eqchi': Lo físico, lo no físico y lo metafísico, 22 Bienal de Arte Paiz: Geografía perversa / Geografías malditas,  8 de Mayo 2021

Resiliencia Urbana y La Nueva Movilidad: Webinar hacia el Club Rotario Guatemala de la Asunción, 13 de Noviembre 2020

El Mundo Cambiará: Día Mundial de las Ciudades, TECHO,  30 de Oct. 2020

Ideación y Tecnologías de Futuro: Departamento de Diseño Industrial Universidad Rafael Landivar,  23 de Oct. 2020

Taller de Ideación y Aceleración: taller impartido dentro del II Congreso Estudiantil de Ingenieria Ambiental, COEIA2020, 29 de Sept-1 de Oct. 2020

Resiliencia Urbana y La Nueva Movilidad: Webinar hacia el Club Rotario del Este, 11 de Septiembre 2020

Resiliencia Urbana y La Nueva Movilidad: Webinar hacia el Club Rotario Las Americas, 10 de Septiembre 2020


Dimensiones Futuras: Resiliencia Urbana. Webinar dentro del Festival Vértice de la Universidad Rafael Landívar, 8 de Septiembre 2020

Planificación Urbana a Largo Plazo: Webinar organizado por Club Rotario Guatemala Sur, 18 de Agosto 2020

Desarrollo Orientado al Transporte: Webinar organizado por Republica Inmobiliaria, 18 de Agosto 2020

Contaminación atmosférica en ciudades como Guatemala: Foro organizado por Plantemos.org, 15 de Agosto 2020

Movilidad Eléctrica: Ruta hacia la mejora en la calidad del aire, Webinar organizado por AMEGUA, 2 de Julio 2020

Movilidad Sostenible: Taller de Inteligencia colectiva, Webinar organizado por Fundación Crecer, 21 de Mayo 2020

Urbantech: Replanteando la Ciudad "inteligente", Webinar organizado por AGI, 30 de Abril 2020

Exploraciones Digitales Aplicadas a la Arquitectura, USAC, February 2016                                                                       


¿Emprendedor?, XVII Foro Internacional de Emprendedores (FIE), December 2015                                                                 

Conducted a lecture to young designers on the qualities and attitudes necessary for a successful entrepreneur in the creative fields.


DATA FOR CHANGE, Catedra Jorge Montes, UNIS, September 2014                                                                       

Conducted a lecture for architecture students around the compilation of data and the interpretation of it for change.


An Awakening in Guatemala: House for the First 1,000 Days, TUFTS University, April 2014                                                                                                  

Conducted a seminar and directed an exposition of the multiple initiatives held in Guatemala for Chronic Malnutrition prevention. A model home was designed under $6,000 that would serve as a center for education for mothers in reproductive years centered around the 1,000 day window program.


NO+ Control+C Control+V, USAC, March 2014                                                            

Conducted a lecture for architecture students around the notion of innovation through the inspiration of the less fortunate.


REDES E INTERCONEXIONES, CUNOC, October 9th 2013                                                                                     

Conducted a workshop on digital techniques of urbanism with a holistic approach to interdependence of entities and an introduction to chaos theory and its application to network theory in urbanism.


Urban Interdependencies, CHAMBA, October 2013                                                                       

Conducted a lecture for young technological entrepreneurs models of interdependent variables related to urban planning and technological innovation.


UN PLAN: Encuentro Vocacional, July 2013                                                                                                    


EXPLORACIONES DIGITALES: Fundamentos del Diseño Parametrico, May 3, 2013                                                                 

Conducted a three day seminar, teaching the necessary tools for parametric design.


HOMBRE DEL AÑO, Saul E. Mendez, November 2012                                                                               

Selected as one of ten Men of the Year 2012, for his work in the awareness campaigns centered around chronic malnutrition


CHARRETTE - REINVENTANDO LA CIUDAD OLIMPICA, March 2011                                                                                                   

Participated in a Design Charrette to develop new strategies to Renovate and Redesign the Olympic City within Guatemala City.



Invited as panelist for a discussion centered around urban expansion policies and strategies for Guatemala’s urban districts.


Emergent Systems of Self-Organization, Catedra Jorge Montes, September 2010                                                                                       

Conducted a seminar displaying research conducted in Bolivia and Guatemala centered on urban complexity and contemporary techniques of urban analysis.

SISTEMAS EMERGENTES DE ANALISIS URBANO, Feb. 2010                                                                             

Assisted local think-tank Urbanistica, as Main Keynote speaker for graphics strategies for urban analysis.


YUXTAPOSICIONES URBANAS, March 2009                                                                         

Conducted a seminar displaying research conducted in Bolivia and Guatemala centered on urban complexity and contemporary techniques of urban analysis.

EUROMOBILIA ARCHITECTURE SYMPOSIUM, March 2006                                                                                               

Invited as guest speaker to exhibit work on new technologies for architecture and their applications in the cloud forest. Work published in: ‘El Financiero’ Newspaper, ‘Construir’ Magazine, and ‘Estilos y Casas’ Magazine.                                                            


Alejandro is a regular juror at various local Universities in Guatemala.  Besides being the Chief Curator at the Guatemalan Biennale for 3 consecutive terms, he advises and serves as critic and consultant to many local institutions and universities.

UNIVERSIDAD DEL ISTMO, Nov. 2009-2013                                                                                                    

Instructor - Taught multiple architectural design studios and an intensive seminar on Urbanism centered around rehabilitation and reconstruction of social fabric and an in- depth research on the forces that drive and affect the modern city. Invited to participate as Design Critic on multiple occasions.


UNIVERSIDAD VERITAS, Sept. 2009-Dec.2009                                                                                           

Conducted a joined architectural design studio with the University of Pennsylvania focused on sustainable architecture in the forests of an ecological reserve in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, PennDesign, Aug 2006-Dec. 2009                                                               

Visiting Lecturer- Taught first year master students the first and second, of a series of three courses focused on drawing an dits role in the design process. Assisted as Design Critic for several Design Studios at Masters Level (Plah Catala, McCleary and Veikos).  Served as Design consultant for Design Studios.


UNIVERSIDAD FRANCISCO MARROQUIN,  Nov. 2008-Dec. 2008                                                                                

Visiting Lecturer - Taught an intensive seminar on complexity and emergence. The course was focused on developing strategies and advanced methods based on organic systems and parametric algorithms to uncover layers of relevant information in urban environments.  Invited to participate as Design Critique on multiple occasions.


UNIVERSIDAD DE SANTA CRUZ DE LA SIERRA,  Aug 2008-Oct. 2008                                                                                             

Taught undergraduate architecture students an intensive seminar on complexity and emergence. The course was focused on developing strategies and advanced methods based on organic systems and parametric algorithms to uncover layers of relevant information in urban environments.


Alejandro participates, leads, and/or co-creates with other in the following:


UrbanHack®, 2018-Current

Is a co-creative, citizen-led problem solving platform that taps into what your city needs when institutions fail to provide it. We take matters into our own hands by combining crowdsourced knowledge and skills with low-cost, replicable, participatory strategies. 

#LaNuevaMovilidad, May 2020

Is a leading actor in the development of an inniative to promote sustainable mobility during COVID-19 times.


BIENAL DE ARQUITECTURA DE GUATEMALA (BAG), 2016-2020                                                                                           

Served as the lead curator for 3 consecutive terms, developing the conceptual framework for each bienal, served as advisor for the Danta Prizes and have served as Liason and pointman for keynote speakers.

BARRANQUEANDO, Sept. 2017-Current                                                                                           

Directed with two colleges a campaign to re-envision the future of ravines in Guatemala City.

Mesa de Barranqueros, 2018-Current